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Title: Demolition man 2: slash and burn
Directed by: john mctiernan
Starring: sylvester stallone, benjamin bratt, sigourney weaver (john’s daughter), emily blunt (john’s granddaughter)

For his work in alleviating the threat to San Angeles in 2032, John Spartan’s original prison sentence was expunged and he was invited to continue his law enforcement career through the tumultuous landscape he helped create, though not all were happy to see Cocteau’s serene society ruined by the Demolition Man.

Sister cities of San Angeles were in the midst of their own master plans of aggressive gentrification, and many who prospered in their modern civilization preferred to keep the status quo. As civil wars erupt throughout California, John Spartan brings justice and equality to the masses while being simultaneously condemned as a danger to the faux-utopian worlds cultivated over the years.

In a 7-year time lapse, we watch John Spartan gather and train an elite force of rebels which includes his estranged daughter, Angela Spartan. In his own destructive fashion, Spartan breaks down the pillars of the new world while bonding with his daughter through gun battles and unnecessary explosions. When the dust begins to settle and people find their way, a tentative peace is found, and the Spartans pull back from the spotlight.

John opens a small tailoring business. Angela, along with her 15-year-old daughter, Emily, help with the store, but their happily ever after is cut short. We see John getting sick from some mysterious disease, and when the doctors shake their heads at an optimistic outcome, it’s suggested they freeze him while research on the disease continues. Frightened, but furious over time already lost with his daughter, he agrees to be cryogenically frozen once again.

It’s 2059. San Bernardino. Emily Spartan is in the midst of wild car chase. She’s a wild cop who takes crime personally. She never lets a perpetrator get away, and she can’t keep a partner for more than a week. After a dangerous pursuit, Spartan crashes her car then calls down a police drone to catch a ride into the sky. She lands on the car of the men who’ve just robbed another rich neighborhood as they were attempted to cross into Los Angeles. There’s a makeshift wall surrounding the city that has removed itself from New California, and its lawlessness makes refuge for criminals.

As Spartan pulls the robbers from the vehicle and beats the crap out of them, a nearby explosion sends chaos into the streets. The robbers flee and Spartan abandons pursuit to aid those hurt by the blast. Back at the police station, we discover this was another in a series of attacks against the city of San Bernadino, once a part of San Angeles decades ago.

Spartan is fed up with the department’s inability to bring law to LA. The city and state have failed in negotiations and been beaten through years of combat. The people of LA are an army of well-trained soldiers that no one can defeat. Spartan wants to go in and take down their infamous leader, but no one will support her. She needs a soldier that isn’t afraid to kick some ass. She needs Grandpa John.

As his relative, Emily is granted power to bring John out of cryogenics despite their being no advancement in the cure of his disease. When John is thawed, and discovers who Emily is, he asks about his daughter, Emily’s mother. She tells him that she’s trapped behind enemy lines and needs his help to get her out. He agrees, knowing that every minute outside the fridge brings him closer to death.

John and Emily Spartan sneak into Los Angeles to find out where Angela might be, only to be discovered as police officers by a local gang. It’s during captivity they hear that Angela Spartan is somehow tied up with those that rule LA. She’s staying within city hall’s fortified tower, a building able to withstand an 8.2 magnitude earthquake and fitted with turrets, anti-aircraft guns, and concentric barriers of defense.

The pair of Spartans break free from the gang and begin a one hour non-stop path of destruction, unleashing hell on LA as they work their way up the chain of command.
Unfortunately, John isn’t the demolition man he used to be, and his illness was far more advanced than even he thought.

When they finally breach city hall and find LA’s top dogs, John is coughing up blood, and can hardly stand. What’s worse, it turns out that Angela Spartan, John’s daughter and Emily’s mother, is the bad-ass leader of the lawless city and its ruthless army. After seeing her father do so much in the name of the law only to dwindle from her life again, Angela decided to live according to her own rules and create a world of anarchy.

John realizes too that Emily knew all along her mother’s role in LA, and that she thought John could convince Anglea to give up her throne and return lawless LA to California. John begs Angela to consider Emily’s proposal, but she refuses. Only after John falls, clearly dying from his disease, does she promise to turn over a new leaf. She wants him to go back into cryogenic stasis, but he says it’s too late. He’s had enough time in the fridge. Besides, he says, every time he comes out, things are a mess.

The walls of Los Angeles are torn down amid celebration and a statue of John Spartan is erected on the city’s border. Angela and the people of LA are granted immunity as per the peace negotiations, and Angela reopens Spartan Tailoring. She asks her daughter if she thinks the Spartan family can really live peaceful lives as Emily receives a call on the police radio. Emily says probably not, Mom. Grandpa John is probably blowing shit up in Heaven as we speak. I hope so anyway, cause life without danger is pretty damned boring. Emily speeds off on her motorcycle, siren blaring, and passes the statue of her grandfather.

The engraving on the statue says John ‘Demolition Man’ Spartan, Savior of San Angeles.

Chris Sully

Chris Sully

Title: demolition man 2: spartan force
Directed by: chad stahelski
Starring: sylvester stallone, sandra bullock, benjamin bratt, denis leary, lena headey (John’s granddaughter)

Year: 2059

In the aftermath of the first film, we fast-forward 27 years to a time when the underground people (originally run by Denis Leary) and residents of San Angeles have both cleaned up a bit and dirtied up a bit (respectively). Everyone has learned to live in harmony, but a new (common enemy) has appeared – The Outsiders.

Spartan has become head of police, with Benjamin Bratt (Alfredo Garcia) his second in command. He’s embraced his new role, but still struggles with phrases and references and still prefers the old jingles to the newfangled music that has taken over in San Angeles. They have trained the new police force in the tactics of the 20th century … just in case another threat appears.

The focus in the opening is on an officer in her 40s, leader of a special unit called Spartan Force. (a special unit created to investigate the growing issues surrounding the Outsiders). She takes on a couple of Outsiders who invade the city, easily taking them down in an epic fight scene and then, as they are cuffing the Outsiders, another member of the SAPD calls her by her last name – Spartan. IIt’s Spartan’s granddaughter (Lena Headey) – Serena Spartan. #EarlyBigReveal

The outsiders are the “fallout” victims and bloodlines of the “Great Earthquake” of 2010 that were trapped outside the city limits. Major cities and areas around the country had essentially walled themselves off from the rest of society to protect their own. Things have worsened to the point that the Outsiders have begun attacking major cities in search of food and medicine (similar to the underground people from the 1st movie).

Things elevate and Spartan (Headey) chases an Outsider to the outer limits of the city, only to be trapped by a band of Outsiders, lead by a new character, masked so we don’t know who he is.

Spartan (Stallone), still in magnificent shape, gears up (in what surely is a magnificent montage scene) and heads out with Garcia (Benjamin Bratt) to rescue Headey.

On their journey, they find out that there are still remnants of society (pre 1994) that are still somewhat intact. There are many 90s references, including a visit to a Wendy’s location & a Blockbuster video, neither of which serves its original purpose.

Eventually, Spartan (Stallone) must take on the leader of the Outsiders in an epic battle and it turns out to be a descendant of Simon Phoenix, played by Terry Crews. It turns out that Dr. Raymond Cocteau had been experimenting with Simon Phoenix’s DNA during those years of cryosleep and had engineered several additional weapons to be used against Edgar Friendly, in the event that his Simon Phoenix plan didn’t work. They are bigger, stronger and faster than any normal human & there are dozens of them that are basically clones, but each deformed slightly as a result of experimentation gone wrong. The “Terry Crews” version was the best of the bunch – intelligent & built like a tank!

In an epic battle, John Spartan and the Spartan Force take on the Outsiders. They are outmanned (or should we say out-Phoenixed) and out-gunned (the Outsiders had also been well-equipped), but Spartan and the team had been training and creating their own new weapons (mashups of current technology and old) that the Outsiders simply could not be prepared for. The Spartan Force comes out on top and Serena Spartan is rescued.

The team returns to San Angeles & They celebrate at Taco Bell. (which looks very different now, compared to what we saw in the first film)

A post credits scene reveals another threat found in the remnants of one of the Outsider’s locations – actual clones of Simon Phoenix in chambers that are activated as a result of the final fight scene. The clones are waking and have one mission in mind – KILL Edgar Friendly.

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