Month: April 2021


VR comes to life, and voluntary torture? The games go too far when the Sully Brothers pitch their own retakes of Saw.

Black Horror Cinema

Aside from Blaxploitation movies of the 70s like Blacula and one-offs like Vampire in Brooklyn, black horror has been largely ignored at the box office, and the coveted horror franchise has been elusive.


A minimalist sci-fi concept movie that is well-executed and compelling.

Training Day

This movie has a look and feel that is immersive and tense, and despite Fuqua’s continued and celebrated career, Training Day set a bar that I doubt he’ll ever reach again.

Stranger Than Fiction

There is something special about comedians playing dramatic roles, and Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction is truly special.

The Running Man

The Stephen King novel brought to the big screen, or a recast reboot of this fantastic 80s classic?

Action Stars Through the Ages

Before the need for backstory and motivation engrossed modern cinema, our heroes were simple creatures with one focus – to kick ass.

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