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April 2022 – Movie Retakes

Month: April 2022

The End, Or is It?

The ending of a movie is the final impression that movie will make on a movie-goer’s brain. Studios must do their best to make it perfect and sometimes that requires a cinematic overhaul.


The Sully Brothers take us back to Winter River with the Deetzes and demons and… Danny DeVito?

The House That Horror Built

Blumhouse Productions is now a household name, known for its variety of low-budget, high-profit horror franchises, but that’s only the beginning.


Two pitches: One gives us a new Charlie with some special-powered friends. The other brings back the Shop along with an old flame.

Willy Wonka

Grown-up Charlies, factory shenanigans, wild adventures, shrunken villains, and a robotic Slugsworth! These Willy Wonka concept pitches are golden tickets waiting to be found!

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