Author: Sully Brothers

The Running Man

The Stephen King novel brought to the big screen, or a recast reboot of this fantastic 80s classic?

The Goonies

A return to the Goondocks with the next-gen Goonies or a Mexican adventure beneath Mayan ruins. Which Sully brother writes the richest pitch?

Coming 2 America

A love letter to the original in every way, repeating the same jokes and plot points with little effort to stand apart.

I Care a Lot

A dark comedy with a good premise, but poor execution.

Masters of the Universe

Tales of Eternia, origin stories, an Earthly twist, and Prince Adam like you’ve never seen him before! Read the Sully Brothers’ original pitches for the He-Man retake they’d like to see.


A disaster movie that gives us action while keeping a grounded POV.

Outside the Wire

Decent action with a nice futuristic take, but is immediately forgettable.

The Midnight Sky

The tone felt 2 dimensional given the circumstances of the story. Clooney was both the draw AND the appeal, but it wasn’t enough.


Pixar manages to cover a religion-based theme in a secular manner that appeals to both adults and children.


The return of the Nightstalkers, Watchers, Wal-Mart, the death of Blade, and drones, glorious drones! Read the Sully Brothers pitches after dark. These have bite!

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