Author: Sully Brothers


Alien invasions, an army of predator killers, and the xenomorph crossover continued. The Sully Brothers pitch their own original Predator pitches.

Monsters, Inc.

Randall returns, Apple gets a monstrous boost, and humans run wild in Monstropolis. Which Sully Brothers pitch should be the next Monster installment?

Army of the Dead

The Sully Brothers clash over the latest Zack Snyder zombie installment. Does this Vegas romp hit big, or did Snyder lose his shirt?

The Woman in the Window

The view from the window varies among the Sully Brothers. Do we see things clearly, or should we call in the window washers?

The Matrix

Can love conquering all be a bad thing? Is Neo back from the dead? We get before and after Matrix pitches in this awesome episode.


VR comes to life, and voluntary torture? The games go too far when the Sully Brothers pitch their own retakes of Saw.

The Running Man

The Stephen King novel brought to the big screen, or a recast reboot of this fantastic 80s classic?

The Goonies

A return to the Goondocks with the next-gen Goonies or a Mexican adventure beneath Mayan ruins. Which Sully brother writes the richest pitch?

Coming 2 America

A love letter to the original in every way, repeating the same jokes and plot points with little effort to stand apart.

I Care a Lot

A dark comedy with a good premise, but poor execution.

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