Author: Sully Brothers


The turtles form new alliances and take on old rivals with these original shell-shocking pitches from the Sully Brothers.

Super Mario Bros.

Video game prowess and plumbing power save the planet in these Super Sully Bros. pitches.


The boys in blue get face-lifts from the Sully Brothers and guest host Jungle Bri as they pitch their very own Avatar movies!


The Sully Brothers take us back to Winter River with the Deetzes and demons and… Danny DeVito?


Two pitches: One gives us a new Charlie with some special-powered friends. The other brings back the Shop along with an old flame.

Willy Wonka

Grown-up Charlies, factory shenanigans, wild adventures, shrunken villains, and a robotic Slugsworth! These Willy Wonka concept pitches are golden tickets waiting to be found!


Alien invasions, an army of predator killers, and the xenomorph crossover continued. The Sully Brothers pitch their own original Predator pitches.

Monsters, Inc.

Randall returns, Apple gets a monstrous boost, and humans run wild in Monstropolis. Which Sully Brothers pitch should be the next Monster installment?

Army of the Dead

The Sully Brothers clash over the latest Zack Snyder zombie installment. Does this Vegas romp hit big, or did Snyder lose his shirt?

The Woman in the Window

The view from the window varies among the Sully Brothers. Do we see things clearly, or should we call in the window washers?

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