Author: Vanessa Sully

Action Stars Through the Ages

Before the need for backstory and motivation engrossed modern cinema, our heroes were simple creatures with one focus – to kick ass.

Halloween Movies: A Viewer’s Guide

It’s Halloween-time! Want to turn off the lights and turn on some frights, but don’t know what to watch? Whether you’re looking for something fun and campy, or something truly twisted, this guide will put you on the right track!

Not Today, Satan!

How many times have you heard someone say, “Hollywood is running out of ideas?” Should all the reboots get the boot, or could horror be immune to retake overkill?

Mystifying Mystifications

Unsolved Mysteries introduced us to cold cases, ghost stories, alien abductions, and now it’s back!

The New Home Theater

Remember going to the movies? Like many other facets of Pandemic Life, going to the movies is no more. Or at least…not for now.

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