Year: 2021


Alien invasions, an army of predator killers, and the xenomorph crossover continued. The Sully Brothers pitch their own original Predator pitches.

Richard Donner

Donner left so many quality films behind, films that I have watched dozens of times and will watch dozens more. When I want action, a fright, or a laugh, Donner’s got my back.

Monsters, Inc.

Randall returns, Apple gets a monstrous boost, and humans run wild in Monstropolis. Which Sully Brothers pitch should be the next Monster installment?

The History of Pixar

From George Lucas to Steve Jobs, Pixar supporters helped them along their 21-year journey to create their dream.

Army of the Dead

The Sully Brothers clash over the latest Zack Snyder zombie installment. Does this Vegas romp hit big, or did Snyder lose his shirt?

The Woman in the Window

The view from the window varies among the Sully Brothers. Do we see things clearly, or should we call in the window washers?

The Matrix

Can love conquering all be a bad thing? Is Neo back from the dead? We get before and after Matrix pitches in this awesome episode.

Starship Troopers

This Paul Verhoeven classic delivers Robocop vibes in space! Watching the violent bug massacre in this anti-fascist satire is just too much fun to worry about political messaging.


VR comes to life, and voluntary torture? The games go too far when the Sully Brothers pitch their own retakes of Saw.

Black Horror Cinema

Aside from Blaxploitation movies of the 70s like Blacula and one-offs like Vampire in Brooklyn, black horror has been largely ignored at the box office, and the coveted horror franchise has been elusive.

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